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Boating accidents can result in severe injuries and in the worst of cases: wrongful death. Because many associate boating with recreational activity, it is common for boat drivers and passengers to have their guard down when it comes to safety. Unfortunately, this negligence can lead to accidents.

Ross Moore II, P.C. is passionate about fighting for just compensation on behalf of the injured. Our firm can thoroughly investigate the causes of your or your loved one’s injuries and work to prove negligence. We fight not only for compensation that will take care of your present circumstances, but also for compensation that secures your future. Begin your free initial case evaluation with an experienced boating accident attorney in Atlanta from our firm today!

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Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Boating accidents may be caused by a number of factors. Attorney Ross Moore will meticulously investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine who may be held liable for your injuries.

In many cases, the operator of a boat may be held negligent for the following:

  • Hitting a large wave while speeding
  • Navigating in inclement weather
  • Contact with propellers
  • Operating at dangerous speeds
  • Failing to have proper safety equipment on board
  • Colliding with objects or other boats
  • Failing to know or follow boating rules
  • Overloading or overcrowding the vessel

In most cases, these causes of injury can be prevented by following proper safety procedures.

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