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Dog bites can be a traumatic incident, especially if severe personal injury or catastrophic injury was the result. Oftentimes, children are the victims of dog bites and can be seriously injured in the attack. If you or a loved one have been injured by a dog bite, don’t assume that you can settle everything easily on your own. Trust an experienced Atlanta dog bite injury attorney to help you navigate your premises liability claim.

Ross Moore II, P.C. can help you fight for compensation that will cover lost wages, medical expenses, and more. An injury attorney from our firm will thoroughly investigate your case and help you determine whether you are able to hold the dog owner liable for your injuries. Due to our thorough approach to each case, the firm has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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Georgia Dog Bite Laws

In Georgia, a law called the “one-bite” rule governs dog bite cases. A one bite rule essentially grants the owner a pass if the dog did not have a history of violence and the owner didn’t know the dog would have violent tendencies. If this is the case in your dog bite claim, our Atlanta injury firm can thoroughly investigate the dog’s history to find out if the dog had other evidences of a propensity toward violence.

Additionally, you may be held partially responsible for the attack if the dog was provoked or threatened. We can also investigate these claims to understand exactly what happened and whether the owner was following laws that govern whether dogs need to be secured.

What Constitutes Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases?

In cases of “strict liability,” an Atlanta dog owner can be found liable for their dog biting someone else in one of two situations:

  • Failing to keep their dog on a leash in an area where dogs are required to be restrained
  • The dog was known to be a viscous or dangerous animal

According to Atlanta’s Code of Ordinances, a “dangerous dog” is one that has:

  • Caused severe injury to an individual without being provoked
  • Or acted aggressively towards people after previously being classified as “dangerous”

In Atlanta, dog owners are responsible for restraining their animals with either a leash or chain or a wall or fence, even on the owner’s property.

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