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Motorcyclists face great risks on the road. In fact, many statistics report that motorcyclists are up to five times more likely to become injured in an accident per mile traveled than a passenger vehicle and up to 27 times more likely to experience a fatal accident.

With these odds, it’s important to know where to turn to in the event of an accident. At Ross Moore II, P.C., we fight tenaciously on behalf of our clients, taking the time to truly understand their case and their individual circumstances. We fight to keep insurance companies in check and fight to provide our clients with the compensation they are justly owed.

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What are the leading causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are most often caused by the negligence of other drivers. Many drivers have what is caused a “motorcyclist blind spot”, meaning that they do not register the presence of a motorcycle and regularly miscalculate their speed and other factors.

Motorcycle accidents are commonly caused by the following:

These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. It is important to have aggressive legal help to fight for compensation to cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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Our attorney will carefully investigate the circumstances that led up to your accident. Ross Moore II, P.C. can work with you to craft a case that fights strategically for the best possible outcome on your behalf. We can uphold your rights and provide you with personalized legal guidance and honest communication throughout all case proceedings. All of our services are offered on a contingency fee basis, meaning that if we don’t win on your behalf, you don’t owe us a single legal fee.

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