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When people buy a product, they assume that it has been tested for safety. Households are filled with tools, cookware, medicine, and other products that are used daily. Unfortunately, some of these products can cause injury due to a defect at some point in the creation of the product. Defective car parts can lead to devastating auto accidents, and defective appliances products can cause debilitating harm to consumers.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, consult with an Atlanta product liability attorney for more information about the legal rights you have. You may be eligible to pursue compensation from the offending party. With years of experience and millions won on behalf of our clients, Ross Moore II, P.C. can effectively pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Who is liable for a defective product?

Determining the fundamental problem with the product can help determine who can be held liable for any injuries that resulted from the defect.

Defects can often be traced back to these:

  • Design: If an injury resulted from a fundamental problem with the design of the product, then the designer may be held liable for the injury.
  • Manufacturing: If the manufacturer assembled the product incorrectly and the incorrect assembly led to an injury, the manufacturer may be held liable for the injury.
  • Labeling: If the product was labeled incorrectly or failed to warn of inherent dangers associated with the product, the party responsible for this could be held liable for the injury.

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In each and every product liability case, our skilled product liability attorneys thoroughly investigates the circumstances leading up to the accident and what the problem stemmed from. Ross Moore II, P.C. is proud to stand up against individuals or companies that would otherwise take advantage of the injured. Our firm is a passionate advocate for our clients, fighting to secure their future.

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